Orff and Montessori (follow up to question)

Kathy Newby wrote, “I enjoyed the combination of two types of music. Thank you for the Orff demonstration. You mentioned that you were going to creat an Orff school program. How will that be conducted? I also enjoyed seeing Morgan as part of the tapes. She’s into it. Is Melody too young? Too shy? Is there music therapy she can do?”  Kathy Newby

Thank you Kathy for your comment and questions.  I felt the answer would be too long for a typical comment so here is a short blog on incorporating Orff into the Montessori school that I will be working. 

Melody may be just a little young for the structure of the improvisational activity; however, she does normally participate during music class.  Melody actually does well with imaginative play and instruments. 

With working for the Montessori school, I have found after researching various educational models that the Orff process really fits well with the Montessori philosophy.  Montessori follows, “the spirit of the child,” and enhances the current developmental stages to allow full growth.  I believe the way Orff designed his process, he was encouraging each child to enjoy the music in his/her own way; this not only leads to learning the musical terminology but also understanding it.

With all that said, some of the ideal activities will include storytelling through music.  I believe this will be a great way to start the year, inspiring the children to think creatively.  I will tell stories giving them examples of the way music/sound is utilized; however, the next step will be to allow the children to use the music to tell each other stories.  Following this introduction while experimenting with sounds, dynamics, and tempos, I will introduce the various families of instruments through song and movement.  Programs developed such as the holiday program and possible spring program will incorporate the children’s “compositions” as well as feature each child’s level of comfortability and success.   While one child may play a solo on the xylophone, another may be just as comfortable playing a “crash on the cymbals.”  Meanwhile, all the children are learning musical concepts through involvement.


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  1. Amanda
    Jul 01, 2009 @ 20:53:36

    Nice site! I also have interests in Montessori philosophy and have experience w/the preK population as well as many others. Keep up the great work! 🙂
    `Amanda Ellis, MT-BC


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